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Borax Pentahydrate - Argentina

Borax Pentahydrate - Argentina in Tradeasia


Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate

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White Powder

Common Names

Disodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate


25 Kg Bag

Brief Overview

The most often used type of sodium borate in a range of industries is borax pentahydrate, also known as Etibor 48 or sodium tetraborate pentahydrate. It is a crystalline granule or powder that is white, odorless, and mildly alkaline in solution as well as on its own.Etibor 48 is less hygroscopic, has a lower bound water ratio, and contains more boron per unit mass than borax decahyrdate, which is physiochemically equivalent.

Manufacturing Process

Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate of high purity is made by:

(a) When sodium carbonate and the mineral Colemanite combine in an aqueous solution, sodium hydroxide and sodium tetraborate are produced, and solid calcium carbonate precipitates;

(b) Adding boric acid to the aqueous solution from stage (a) after the precipitated calcium carbonate has been separated will neutralize the sodium hydroxide and create more sodium tetraborate;

(c) The sodium tetraborate pentahydrate is extracted from the aqueous solution produced in stage (b) by crystallization.


Boron is one element that soil needs in order to support the growth and development of plants. Borax pentahydrate is used in agriculture to increase crop efficiency and quality.


Additionally, it is used in a concoction of anti-freeze chemicals to prevent corrosion in vehicle cooling systems.


Strong, heat-resistant, and earthquake-resistant constructions are made with borax pentahydrate. Borax pentahydrate is an excellent insulator against sound and heat as well.

Flame Retardants

Flame retardants put out flames before they start and spread. A wide range of materials use borate as a flame retardant. Borate chemicals prevent materials from burning by melting them and blocking the flow of oxygen to the flame.

Glass Industry

Borax pentahydrate is added to glass goods when thermo-insulation is needed. because when added to molten glass intermediates, it increases viscosity, durability, and surface hardness.

Insulating Fiberglass

Borax pentahydrate is one of the boron compounds used in fiberglass insulation. It is put to the wall and ceiling and utilized as building insulation in the construction business.

Leather Industry

In leatherworking, borax pentahydrate is used as a lime expectorant.

Soap and Detergent

Borax pentahydrate and borax decahydrate are natural laundry detergent boosters that can be added to the detergent to assist clean severely stained garments.

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